Fernando Meirelles and Peter Morgan Doing a Complete “360”

Fernando Meirelles directed one of the great films of the last decade and Peter Morgan has proven to be among the most talented and prolific screenwriters of his generation. Together the two will bring to life a Viennese play about sexual mores that is more than a hundred years old.

Meirelles will direct Morgan's script for "360," based on Arthur Schnitzler's play "Reigen," a series of ten encounters between two sexual partners, with one person from each scene appearing with another partner in the next. Here's a breakdown of the original play:

  1. The Whore and the Soldier
  2. The Soldier and the Parlor Maid
  3. The Parlor Maid and the Young Gentleman
  4. The Young Gentleman and the Young Wife
  5. The Young Wife and The Husband
  6. The Husband and the Little Miss
  7. The Little Miss and the Poet
  8. The Poet and the Actress
  9. The Actress and the Count
  10. The Count and the Whore

We loved Meirelles' "City of God," and Morgan is on a roll, having written "The Queen," "The Last King of Scotland," "The Damn United" and "Frost/Nixon" all in the last five years. But before anyone gets too excited, know that Schnitzler was also responsible for the play "Traumville" (Dream Story"), which was the source material for Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut."

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