“Fast and Furious” Star Paul Walker Dead at 40: His Most Memorable Roles

Paul Walker died at the age of 40 Saturday, after he lost his life in a car accident.

Following his tragic death, the "Fast and Furious" star's fans and friends have shared their condolences and memories of him, posting everything from nostalgic pictures to kind words about the late star.

Walker started his career as a child actor, starring in commercials and going on to play Jeremy Beatty in the television series "Throb" when he was 13.

Aside from the hit "Fast and the Furious" film franchise, he went on to star in the likes of "Varsity Blues," "Into the Blue," "Takers" and many more notable movies.

Take a look back at some of the actor's biggest roles.

"Fast and the Furious": Best known for his role as Brian O' Conner in the action film franchise, Walker played a car racing fugitive who was always trying to evade authorities with his ladylove (Jordana Brewster). Although his own life was very different from that of his character, back in May, he told Celebuzz the parallels between Brian's life and his life were "crazy." "I'm like what the hell? It's personal stuff, ya know. But I look at it and it's like, I substitute this for that, and that for that. But in terms of journey, it's been pretty similar," he went on.

"Varsity Blues": In the sports drama, the actor played West Canaan high school quarterback Lance Harbor, whose troubles begin after he was talked into taking anesthetic shots in his injured knee to continue playing the game.

"Into the Blue": Walker played hottie diver Jared (and the love interest of Jessica Alba) in the action flick, which told the tale of a group of divers who find a shipwreck packed with treasure and the remains of a plane that has cocaine in its cargo. What seemed like an amazing find at first soon takes a turn when the drug lord comes back to claim what he lost.

"Takers": The actor played John Rahway, a professional bank robber who tries to pull off a heist of an armored car for a $20 million payoff with his fellow robbers, played by Idris Elba, Chris Brown, Michael Ealy and Hayden Christensen.

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"The Skulls": In this psychological thriller, Walker played Caleb Mandrake, a wealthy new member of the Skulls, who strikes up a friendship with another new initiate named Luke McNamara (Joshua Jackson). Drama ensues when Caleb sees the evil his father, the Chairman of the Skulls, is capable of when an unfortunate incident occurs.

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