John Daly Admits, Unhappily, to His Six-Month Suspension

Daly says it's "not fair in reality, but it's probably fair in perception."

John Daly has had a rough couple of


months. First, he hasn't won any golfing events in forever. Secondly, he had to deal with media stalkers at the Wyndham in Greensboro. Then there was the little matter of getting bashed at Hooters in Winston-Salem and finding himself in the slammer with a lovely mugshot. And finally, even though he had recently shot a 62 in Hong Kong on the final day of a tournament, he decided to smash a spectator's camera.

So, yeah, Tiger Woods he is not, at least in terms of motivation and image that the PGA wants to present. Which may explain why he's currently serving a six-month suspension from the game of golf.

John Daly says he has been suspended for six months by the PGA Tour for conduct that included spending a night in a jail to sober up.

Daly told The Associated Press on Wednesday that his suspension is "not fair in reality, but it's probably fair in perception."

The two-time major champion has not played on the tour since he missed the cut Oct. 17 in Las Vegas.

Of course, I originally thought he should be jailed for charging $75 per autographed glossy, but hey, some people have different feelings about highway robbery.

As far as Big John's excuse goes though, it's a pretty common tenant for people of his ilk to blame "perception", since that generally involves blaming anything other than "yourself" for the various problems that life likes to sling in your direction. Hopefully, he's not going to "solve" this problem at Hooters. That won't be good for anyone, bloggers excepted.

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