Jimmy Fallon Gets Angry Over Losing in Video Game to Michael Cera

Jimmy Fallon can't stand losing in a video game.

Fallon talked to Michael Cera about his new Broadway show, "This Is Our Youth," and mentioned how the actor and his castmates play video games during the day.

"Yeah, we play a lot of Mario Kart," Cera said.

Fallon explained that he set up "Mario Kart" in the "Tonight" dressing room before they taped Friday's show.

"I walked in, very nice and you weren't really making eye contact with me," Fallon said. 

"The reason I wasn't looking in your eyes is because I was getting a very weird vibe from you," recalled Cera. "You came in, [and] you went right to the celery."

"I went in and I grabbed a celery stick and you said, 'let's do this old man,'" said Fallon of Cera's challenge.

The two re-hashed the game, talking about which players and vehicles they used, and Fallon noted that he used a different player and vehicle than usual.

"Why'd you throw yourself off?" asked Cera.

"Because I wanted to be nice to the guest on my show!" Fallon yelled.

"When you play a game, you let someone win, and you beat me out there and then you beat me out here," he screamed, referring to "Catchphrase" game earlier in the show with Julianne Moore and Alan Cumming.

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