Facebook: No Breast Feeding on Your News Feed

Facebook Moms React to Policy

A picture of an exposed breast on Facebook is strictly not allowed. But what happens if the exposed woman is breast feeding?

Thousands of nursing moms are angry over Facebook's recent decision to ban breast feeding photos on their networking site.

 The moms want Facebook to stop taking down pictures of breast feeding mothers posted in member profiles, arguing that there is nothing obscene about the natural process of feeding their infants.

 "There's a need for knowledge and awareness and community, and women need the support of other women who are going through the same thing," said Alexa Sockol, a doula and lactation counselor currently breast feeding her own five-month old son.

 Sockol says there's nothing obscene about the photos of nursing mothers, and wonders why Facebook would restrict images of something she sees as necessary and natural.

 A group of nursing mothers are fed up with Facebook censoring their pictures, and plan to hold a "Nurse-In" to prove that breast-feeding is not obscene.

 Under the leadership of a Utah mother, the nursing moms have formed a group called "Hey Facebook -- Breast Feeding is Not Obscene," which has attracted more than 54,000 members.

 As part of their protest, they plan to all change their profile pictures to photos of themselves breast feeding.

 The "Nurse-In" is planned for the Saturday after Christmas.

 Facebook says it does "allow mothers to ... share photos of themselves breast-feeding" but not photos of a fully exposed breast.

 Facebook had no comment about the demonstration.

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