Even Heidi's Doc Says “Enough!”

Plastic surgeon won't sign on for Montag's next boob job

Heidi Montag's plastic surgeon has had enough.

After performing 10 procedures on the 23-year-old, Dr. Frank Ryan says he reuses to go along with the reality TV star's desire for yet another boob upgrade.

“I told Heidi, ‘If you want to do it I don’t know who you will find but it’s not going to be me,'" Ryan told Radaronline. "I strongly recommend she just doesn’t do it."

Ryan augmented Montag's breasts all the way to Triple D, but now she wants to go to an H cup. Ryan said he already had misgivings about the original breast surgery.

“They are a little bit larger than I wanted," he said. "I counseled her many times and told her ‘Heidi these are a little bit big and the bigger you go the more the complication risk increases.'"

But as for the other nine operations Ryan did in one day last October, including a nose job, chin reduction, liposuction, having her ears pinned back and getting fat injected into her cheeks, the doctor said he was just doing his job.

“In Heidi’s case – in a healthy 23-year-old girl – this was perfectly appropriate and the public is getting used to that or hearing about it for the first time," Ryan said. "This is what young women and men are doing all the time – you know in terms of procedures together.”

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