SUV Crashes Through Roof of Escondido Home

An SUV crashed into the roof of a home in Escondido, California, Wednesday with such force it felt like an earthquake, the homeowner said.

George Strother told NBC 7 his morning started with a bang.

It was 12:23 a.m. when a satellite radio company called Escondido police reporting an airbag deployment inside an SUV on Hubbard Place.

Strother said he and his wife heard a pounding at their door moments later. Police officers were trying to wake the couple to make sure everyone inside the one-story home was okay.

Strother said his wife thought she felt an earthquake but when they both walked into their garage they saw the damage.

“The first thing we saw, the BMW that had come through the roof had landed on the hood of our Pathfinder and had pushed it back into the garage door, which had buckled the door,” Strother said.

Strother, who is a photographer, grabbed his camera and took these images.

SUV Crashes Through Roof of Escondido Home: Images

Officers jumped on top of the Pathfinder and peered into the BMW SUV to check on the condition of the driver but found no one there.

Using the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department helicopter, law enforcement officers searched homes around the area for any sign of an injured person. No hospitals reported anyone seeking medical care for a vehicle crash.

On top of that, there were no witnesses to the collision.

Police determined the BMW is a rental from the Mossy BMW dealership, and investigators say the man who rented it was found nearby, hiding in some bushes.

The man was arrested on an unrelated charge. Police are trying to determine if he was actually behind the wheel at the time of the crash, for he denies being there.

A building inspector and tow truck driver were called out to begin the cleanup.

The homeowner believes that from the tire marks it appears the driver was heading downhill on Hubbard Avenue when the vehicle went right off the sidewalk, flew through trees and several yards in the air.

The SUV could’ve gone into the kitchen but Strother said he and his wife were never in danger.

“Our bedroom is at the extreme other end of the house so we were way out of range,” Strother said.

“He picked about the best spot.”

Missing Attachment NBC 7’s Matt Rascon speaks with George Strother, the homeowner who awoke to find police and a crashed SUV in his garage.
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