‘El Chapo’ Found: Piñata Crafted to Look Like Escaped Drug Lord

Daniel Becerril / Reuters

While the manhunt for the infamous drug lord continues, an "El Chapo" piñata has been spotted, NBC News reported.

A piñata depicting Joaquin Guzman, known as "El Chapo", was seen outside a workshop in Reynosa, Mexico on July 21. The drug lord escaped from a top security prison—for the second time—through a tunnel built into his cell earlier this month. 

Dalton Ramirez, the piñata maker, said he likes to design pinatas with social or controversial themes. The crafter even made a depiction of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The piñatas are crafted with every detail— including what "El Chapo" would have in his pockets like a toy gun and toy grenade. The workers were sure to study Guzman's features on the Internet before crafting the piñata.

The drug kingpin may be on the run, but at least he will be visiting a few parties.

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