Ed Helms Engaged to Jamie Chung for “Hangover 2”

Over the course of "The Hangover," Ed Helms managed to trade way up, ditching a mousy shrew for stone fox. But somewhere between Vegas and Thailand, he found a new lady.

Jamie Chung, perhaps bets known for her role in "Sorority Row," has been cast as Helms' new love in "The Hangover 2," reported Variety.

The film has the whole gang--Helms, Bradley Cooper, Zack Galifiankis and Justin Bartha--returning for another weekend of high-jinks. Unfortunate, write-director Todd Phillips couldn't find room for Heather Graham, who married Helm's character, Stu, in the original. Not surprisingly, she's as disappointment about it as we are.

But Chung's star seems to be on the rise, as she's recently finished shooting on Zach Snyder's Alice-in-Wonderland-with-machine-guns spectacle, "Sucker Punch," and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's bike-messenger crime drama, "Premium Rush."

In other "Hangover 2" news, it turns out that while we were on vacation, Liam Neeson was cast as the tattoo artist part that had originally gone to Mel Gibson, who, depending on whom you ask, was chased away from the film by an angry Galifianakis-led mob or left for personal reason.

In any event, "The Hangover 2" arrives May 26, 2011.

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