Donald Trump Discuss Presidential Run on “Apprentice”

Donald Trump didn't use his highly-rated reality show as a platform to launch his official 2012 Presidential campaign, but he didn't miss a chance to at least bring the subject up.

Last night, The Donald began the most recent episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" by asking the contestants - who have all proven to be willing to do or say absolutely anything in order to stay on the show - whether or not they would vote for Trump if he ran.

Naturally, the polls were far from split.

"I would vote for you," said Meatloaf. "In fact, I'll help you with your campaign."

Trump did ask who wouldn't vote for him, which lead to Ivanka Trump stating the oh-so-obvious.

"A hot hint," she said. "Don't raise your hand."

At least he's got the D-list celebrities who have appeared on his reality show demographic locked in.

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