Should Donald Trump Worry About a Third-Party Candidate?

Trump has warned Republicans that a third-party bid would hand Clinton the White House

Just as Donald Trump is starting to make up ground in polls against Hillary Clinton, he faces a new problem: third parties.

Over the holiday weekend, the threat advanced on two fronts. First, the Libertarian Convention in Orlando, and then 'Never Trump" activist Bill Kristol.

Kristol's efforts to draft a third party conservative candidate to rival Trump may have paid off, NBC News reported.

The payoff could be a less-than-well-known candidate, however, in David French, a decorated Iraq veteran and staff writer at National Review.

Several sources confirmed to NBC News French's interest, but it's not clear whether a bigger name might take the plunge instead.

A third party would give conservatives ideologically opposed to Trump a megaphone to carry on their message in exile. For his part, Trump has warned Republicans flirting with a third-party bid that they'll hand Clinton the White House if they go through with it.

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