Dixie Chicks Kick Off Tour With Donald Trump in the Backdrop

The country trio performed their 1999 hit "Goodbye Earl" against a Trump backdrop

The Dixie Chicks aren't afraid of mixing art and politics.

The Texas-based trio kicked off their DCX MMXVI World Tour on on Wednesday in Cincinnati and they've got a new political foe: Donald Trump.

The Dixie Chicks performed their 1999 hit "Goodbye Earl" against a backdrop that showed Trump with devil horns and a comical mustache and goatee.

Natalie Maines is no stranger to political controversy. In 2003, she slammed George W. Bush for his plans to invade Iraq. 

Maines also took aim at Trump back in January with with a seemingly playful tweet:

She expressed her grievances with his former Republican primary opponent, Ted Cruz, tweeting:

When Maines learned of Cruz's naturalized citizenship (he was actually born in Canada), she followed up:

Maines is well aware that her political commentary can have ramifications. Ten years after her infamous Bush comments in 2003, the singer told Rolling Stone, "I joke that I have PTSD, but there's probably truth in that joke."

But she doesn't regret speaking out in the first place.

"It all put an ugly light on people that I was kind of happily naive to," she said. "But when I was going through it, I really didn't feel like it was affecting me. I was in fight mode and battle mode, and I felt, you know, I was right, and free to say what I want to say."

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