Diva Gosselin Drives “Dancing With the Stars” Ratings

You don't have to watch "Dancing With the Stars" to understand how it has turned into the ratings giant this season. Or why it should be renamed "Diva With the Stars."

Kate Gosselin, the most famous single mother-of-eight, has amped up the drama on the twice-weekly ABC show. This from a show which generally brings its own celebrity drama to the table.

But this season, Gosselin has brought it to another level.

The news stories have been consistently dramatic. Kate Gosselin's having this meltdown, her dancing partner walks out of rehearsal, and so on. The public is eating it up.

The results are staggering. Last week's edition outdrew the perennial big kid on the block that is "American Idol." This is the first time any regular series has beaten the ratings kings in nearly five years (not counting those shows that received a major boost that comes with the Super Bowl prelude).

It's no wonder why Simon Cowell has been making obvious jokes about "DWTS" from his "Idol" judge's stand. He no longer sees the show over his shoulder -- this season, his main competitor is in front of him.

If you did watch "Dancing With the Stars" last night, you saw Gosselin work her magic. Her dances are pure unintended comedy, but she milks the drama at every turn. Last night, she fake fainted in the arms of her partner after she received the news that she was spared for another week.

This reality show reprieve came entirely at the hands of the voting public, who voted her back in despite the incredibly low marks by the judges. The judges' scores only count for 50 percent of the final score, so the voters have significant weight. And they will continue to use it for Gosselin, who looks like a serious contender even though her moves scream "pretender."

While dancing might lose, drama wins. No doubt the execs at "DWTS" couldn't be happier. This is going to be a wild ride.

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