Digital Health Tools

We’re all short on time and long on junk food. OK, maybe not all of us, but wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy way to stay on top of food, workouts, and have some fun new-school style? Desk-setters and mobile-junkies alike, rejoice! For behold, here are digital friendly tools to help keep (or get) you healthy.

The Daily Plate is a handy (and free!) online tracker with a food journal, calorie counter, and fitness log.

My Daily Yoga features stretches you can do at your desk to stay limber and alert at work.

Ultimate Pilates Workouts lets you create and download pilates routines.

The Biggest Loser Club offers guidelines and support for people trying to lose weight.

For a bit of sex ed - or to participate in a rather sassy survey, check out Sex Health Guru.

For a great variety of quizzes, assessment tools, and interactive games and features, check out Your Total Health or Discovery Health.

Want a quickie with your physician? Relay Health lets you access your physicians (if they are registered with the service) for quick needs, like prescription refills and basic questions, without having to visit the doctor’s office.

OK, so if you’re one of the cool kids (unlike me, who is still drooling over Apple’s iPhone), there are some handy iPhone apps designed to help keep you well. Absolute Fitness let’s you track your food intake and log exercise. Quitter provides motivation to people who want to quit smoking (or who have quit, but need a little boost). ICE goes beyond programming a number to call In Case of Emergency (ICE) and lets you enter allergy information and other details in case you need them… like in an emergency.

Wii Fit
Ditto the iPhone. The cost of buying both the gaming console and Wii Fit has kept me at bay for the time being. But play and be fit. The system comes with a Balance Board that doubles as a scale. You can choose your avatar (naturally) and as the real you loses weight, your avatar will get skinnier, too. You can do yoga, strength training, aerobics and balance exercises.

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