DEA Seizes $570M Worth of Chemical Used in the Manufacture of Fentanyl

Federal agents seized $570 million worth of chemical used to manufacture the powerful opioid fentanyl from a storage facility in Massachusetts, they announced Friday.

The 50 kilograms uncovered is potent enough to make up to 19 million fentanyl pills, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. 

The Drug Enforcement Administration, assisted by Worcester, Northborough and Westborough police, seized the fentanyl precursor, N-Phenethyl-4-piperidinone, from a Northborough storage center on May 25.

N-Phenethyl-4-piperidinone is commonly used in the illegal manufacture of fentanyl.

The DEA said this is the agency's largest seizure of a fentanyl precursor in New England in recent years.

No further information about the seizure was immediately available.

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