David Gordon Green Adapting Time-Travel Romance “Q”

Rian Johnson's upcoming thriller "Looper" has Joseph Gordon Levitt receiving orders to kill a future version of himself. Soon David Gordon Green will be directing a film about another future version of a man messing things up for his present self.

Gordon Green will be adapting "Q," Evan Mandery's novel about a man visited by his future self who tells him not to marry the love if his life, reported Deadline. Here's the synopsis from Mandery's website to help clear things up:

Shortly before his wedding, the unnamed hero of this uncommon romance is visited by a man, claiming to be his future self, who ominously admonishes the protagonist that he must not marry the love of his life, Q. The author doubts this stranger, but in time becomes convinced of his authenticity and leaves his fiancée. The resulting void in his life is impossible to fill. One after the other, future selves arrive urging him to marry someone else, divorce, attend law school, leave law school, travel, join a running club, stop running, study the guitar, the cello, Proust, Buddhism, opera, and eliminate gluten from his diet. The only constants in this madcap quest for personal improvement are the author’s love for his New York City home and for his beloved Q. Q turns the classic story of transcendent love on its head, with an ending that will melt even the darkest heart.

Matt Tolmach, who worked with DGG on "Pineapple Express," will produce the film.

We didn't love "Pineapple," the tone was just a bit off, but we were in the very small minority of people who enjoyed his previous film, "Your Highness," and we're very much looking forward to his next film, "The Sitter," starring Jonah Hill as a babysitter who brings his charges along on a drug buy he's making in an effort to bed a pretty blonde.

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