Dana Carvey Hosts “Saturday Night Live” With a Cameo By Justin Bieber

The Church Lady and Garth of "Wayne’s World" fame returned to “Saturday Night Live” last night.

Dana Carvey, one of the show’s distinguished alums, was the guest host and brought back two of the beloved characters that he made famous during his "SNL" tenure.

The show opened with a new segment of "Wayne’s World," with Mike Myers reprising his role as Wayne and Carvey as his sidekick Garth. The theme of the segment was the Oscars during whitch the pair mentioned the name of the film “Winter’s Bone” several times. Wayne and Garth may have looked a bit older since we last saw them, but the pair’s memorable catch phrases (“No way?” “Way!”) were still there. As for which film they think will win best picture, Wayne said: ““The Social Network”—NOT!”

Carvey put on the wig and glasses once again as the Church Lady for a new “Church Chat,”, in which she slammed the current crop of television such as “16 and Pregnant” and “Skins.” Her guests on “Church Chat” included the Kardashian sisters (played by Vanessa Bayer, Abby Elliott, Nasim Pedrad) and Snooki (Bobby Moynihan) from "Jersey Shore." 

The Church Lady fawned over her last guest, teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, which earned a warning from the voice of Jesus to refrain herself. Both she and Bieber ended the segment by doing the classic Superior dance.

Ever the master impressionist, Carvey played Mickey Rooney on VH1’s “Celebrity Teen Crisis Center,” that gave out-of-touch advice to teens in trouble on the phone. Carvey also parodied Regis Philbin in a sketch that  featured a visit by a singing Kathie Lee Gifford (Kristen Wiig). Carvey was also one of the members of a British synth-pop band that performed at a bar on Super Bowl Sunday, much to the annoyance of the patrons dressed in Green Bay Packers gear.

In his monologue, Carvey spoke about the time he was a cast member on the program from 1986 to 1993. He sang a Broadway-styled musical arguing that his cast was the best in the show’s history. It also featured a guest appearance of another “SNL” alum from that period, Jon Lovitz.

Justin Bieber’s cameo on “SNL” wasn’t only relegated to "Church Chat." He was also featured in a spoof movie trailer for “The Roommate,” playing the normal character to his weird roommate Declan (Andy Samberg).

On Weekend Update, anchor Seth Meyers welcomed Oscar-nominated actor James Franco (Paul Brittain) to talk about his eclectic range of endeavors that included: becoming a rabbi, working at Disneyworld’s Space Mountain, playing a wide receiver in the Super Bowl, and getting a Ph.D. He even briefly read the news on Weekend Update.

The musical guest on the program last night was Linkin Park.

Next week’s guests will be comedian Russell Brand and singer Chris Brown.

Sources: Hulu.com, "Saturday NIght Live" broadcast Feb. 5, 2011

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