Dallas Hospital Rallies Against Criticism Over Ebola

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital nurses held a rally Friday afternoon to show support for the hospital following some criticism they mishandled the Ebola situation in recent weeks.

Earlier in the day, hospital officials posted two videos on YouTube complete with the catch phrase "I'm PresbyProud." They also started using the Twitter hashtag #PresbyProud.

This campaign comes in response to allegations made by Texas Health Presbyterian nurse Brianna Aguirre, who blasted the hospital for not having proper protective gear for nurses treating Ebola on the "Today" show.

"We have acknowledged that we made mistakes and that we are deeply sorry," hospital officials said in a press release.

The press release issued by the hospital also stated that employees are encouraged to raise issues and concerns via the chain of command.

"Texas Health Dallas employees have two mechanisms available to anonymously raise issues about safety concerns or related matters," the release stated. "It is important to note that no Texas Health Dallas employee did so concerning their care of Mr. Duncan or our two co-workers."

The release continued by stating that much of the information being reported is "loosely based on fact," but "often out-of-context and sensationalized" or "completely inaccurate." Hospital officials said they conducted interviews with more than 100 people involved the care of Duncan and reported being compliance with all CDC guidelines.

"The CDC guidelines changed frequently," the release stated. "Nonetheless, they endeavored to remain compliant with what was communicated as the most recent and appropriate guideline."

Hospital officials also wanted to dispel rumors about the nurses' commitment to their jobs.

"They are understandably worried and concerned in the eye of this storm, but they are steadfastly supporting their patients, each other and the hospital they love," the release stated.

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