As Paris Climate Talks End, a Look at Polar Bears in Their Natural Habitat

As activists in Paris draw attention to the issue of melting glaciers and rising sea levels in the last days of the climate talks in that city, here's a look at polar bears in their natural, diminishing habitat.

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A polar bear in Hudson Bay, Canada
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As the climate talks in Paris, France, near their Dec. 11, 2015 close, activists have tried to draw attention to melting glaciers, rising sea levels and the other results of man-made emissions by rolling out a two-story-high, mechanically operated polar bear in the Parisian conference venue.

nHere's a look at some flesh-and-bone polar bears in their changing natural environment.
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A polar bear in Hudson Bay, Canada.
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A polar bear and cubs, Manitoba, Canada.
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Polar bears in Churchill City, Canada.
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A polar bear in Hudson Bay, Canada.
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A polar bear on an iceberg on the Svalbard islands, Norway.
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Polar bear mother and cub.
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A mother polar bear and her cub in Manitoba, Canada.
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