Dad Died After Being ‘Hogtied' by Cops at Concert: Atty.

A father died after being "hogtied" by Mississippi police inside an ambulance despite telling officers he was struggling to breathe, his family's lawyer told NBC News.

Troy Goode, 30, was taken to the hospital after attending a Widespread Panic concert Saturday night in Memphis, Tennessee. The asthmatic died two hours after being placed face down on a stretcher in an incident captured on video by bystander.

Lawyer Tim Edwards told NBC News Monday Goode was "intoxicated" after he and four friends took something in the parking lot before the concert and "got paranoid" and was "in a field running in circle." He declined to comment on what they may have used. 

Cops saw him "running from the area acting strange and not cooperative," Lt. Mark E. Little from the Southaven, Mississippi, Police Dept. said in a statement.

"Officers attempted to detain the subject who began to resist and run from them again," Little added. "On our initial investigation we learned that the subject had allegedly taken some LSD in a parking lot before a concert."

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