Bobcat Euthanized After Attacks on Golfer and Horse in Baltic

The animal tested positive for rabies and the victims have been informed

A golfer and a horse were injured in bobcat attacks in Baltic, Connecticut Thursday morning and police have euthanized the rabid animal believed to have committed both attacks.

The first bobcat attack happened around 8 a.m. when a horse was injured.

Half an hour later, a golfer was attacked at Mohegan Sun Golf Course on Dows Lane in Baltic and another person golfing with him scared the bobcat off.

"He was able to fend off the attack using his golf club," Sgt. Chris Dwyer, of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, said.  

Dwyer believes the golfers injuries are on his back. He walked off the course and went to Backus Hospital to be treated for lacerations. His condition is unknown.

A Mohegan Sun spokesperson issued the following statement in response to the attack:

"On April 18, 2019, a member of Mohegan Sun Golf Club sustained minor injuries from a rabid bobcat while on the course. The golfer was taken by ambulance to be treated and will fully recover. Safety of guests and employees are Mohegan Sun Golf Club’s top priority, and it is confirmed that the animal has been euthanized by the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Mohegan Sun Golf Club has reopened and is safe to play."

Dwyer said the bobcat tried to attack a woman as well.

The horse sustained neck and eye injuries and a veterinarian is treating the animal for the injuries.

Loree Osowski, of Baltic, said she ran, got a shovel and threw it at the bobcat, scaring it away. The bobcat was hissing and growling and ran under the horse trailer as Osowski called 911.

She said her horse, Bella, was bleeding from the eye and ear were bleeding and needed 14 stitches.

Osowski is within walking distance to the golf course and said her daughter saw the bobcat go through the fence and across the woods.

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Environmental Conservation responded after the attacks, found a bobcat at the seventh hole and euthanized it. The animal tested positive for rabies and the victims have been informed.

Officials said they believe the bobcat that was euthanized was the one involved in both attacks.

Bobcat attacks on humans are extremely rare and the last incident was in Bozrah, Connecticut in late August 2014, according to DEEP. That animal was also found to have rabies.

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