Craving Wendy's Nichol's Latest Creations—A Clothing Line!

New York Based Fashion Designer Wendy Nichol follows up her coveted bag and jewelry collection with a clothing line that's as much chic as it is minimalist. It's vintage-inspired modern that is versatile and comfortable, not to mention, handmade in-house in New York City, a rarity these days with the burgeoning mass production of designer-stamped merchandise. Nichol emphasizes simplicity and quality when a comes to style, quite refreshing if you ask us. Meet Wendy and her eponymous line.

Tell us about your new clothing collection--what prompted you to take this next step, a change from your bag and jewelry collections?
I started sewing black silk aprons for the artists in my studio to wear over their clothes while working. I loved how they looked so much it inspired me to make more pieces which turned into a full blown line of clothing. We also have a new handbag collection that is in store right now.

How are you pieces different from what is already out there now?
The clothing is all handmade by our in-house seamstress in New York City. The clothing is really about simplicity and quality--each piece has the idea of versatility and layering in mind. The fabrics are luxurious but easy to wear... silk, taffeta and linen for spring.

What are your biggest inspirations when designing your lines?
I'm inspired by my environment around me in New York. There is endless inspiration here. I always keep two things in mind when I am designing, creating pieces that are timeless and achieving the highest level of quality.

Who are some of your favorite artists and musicians?
John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Patti Smith.

Who is your ideal Wendy Nichol client?
Carrie Roitfeld

If I were not a fashion designer, I would be a ___________.
Making one of a kind art pieces, playing music, exercising more often.

What are your favorite late-night bites?
Mint tea with milk and honey

What are your favorite things between two buns?

Beef and cheese

What are your favorite unique desserts?
Stewed prunes with mascarpone cheese from Frankies Spuntino

What is your favorite ethnic cuisine?
Persian food

What is your most favorite hotel in the world?
Well, my favorite place to stay is my mother-in-law's house in Toronto. The house and decoration are stunning, her food is the best I've ever tasted, and of course, the company is the best.

What are you waiting for? Time
to shop!

Wendy Nichol
147 Sullivan Street
New York, NY 10012

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