Convention Notebook

The latest buzz on politics' Big Show

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  • Bill Clinton gave a vintage performance last night at the convention, raves Michael Goodwin in the NY Daily News. After a series of Obama snubs, Clinton was able to redeem himself with an effusive speech: "Bubba is still the best at pretending night is day, so his 180-degree flip-flop was as smooth as his silver mane."
  • Despite his penchant for lapsing into attacks on Obama, Clinton was able to masterfully make the case for him, wrote Peggy Noonan for the WSJ: "[H]alfway through I thought: The Master has arrived."   
  • It was the Democrats' best night yet as far as Adam Buckman of the New York Post is concerned. Joe Biden was on-point and Bill Clinton gave the best speech of the convention thus far, delivering a heartfelt rallying cry to the Dems: "This party is unified."
  • Bill Clinton may have been the party cheerleader last night but Ruth Marcus writes in the WaPo that it's too little too late: "Twenty minutes of good behavior don't make up for weeks of churlishness."
  • Now that the Clintons have finally left, the focus can turn toward Obama, writes Roger Simon of Politico. The Clintons have done all that they can and now it's left up to Obama: "One of the greatest contributions they can make is to leave the spotlight."
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