Callous Friends Draw on Body, Police Say

Before bringing Ashley Kelly’s unconscious body to the hospital, her boyfriend and another man wasted valuable time by drawing on her, taking a nude photo of her and going out for breakfast, police said.

She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

James Pisechko, 31, of West Haven and Andrew Aldrick, 33, of Milford, were sharing a motel room with Kelly last February when she began to show signs of medical distress, the Connecticut Post reports.

Kelly, 23, of Milford, died of a heroin and cocaine overdose in February 2008, the medical examiner ruled.

Instead of calling 911, Pisechko, who was Kelly's boyfriend, and Aldrich, tried to conceal evidence of drug use, according to the arrest warrant.

February 18

After taking an injection of cocaine on Feb. 18 and again after midnight on Feb. 19, Kelly told Pisechko that she "didn't feel good" before she fell asleep, the Connecticut Post reports. He told police that "he felt 'responsible' for what happened to Ashley with the drugs, but was adamant that he didn't 'kill Ashley,' " the warrant states.

Pisechko told police he'd prepared the shots of cocaine for Kelly, but she'd injected them herself, the newspaper reports.

Police said they received contradictory information in January. A woman who was arrested for larceny  told police that Pisechko had refused to inject her with narcotics because he "didn't want to kill another girl," the Connecticut Post reports.

Pisechko took a nude photo of Kelly, who was sleeping, before he and Aldrich left the motel at about 10 a.m. to have breakfast at Burger King, then took more drugs before returning at about 1 p.m., the newspaper reports.

When they returned, they asked a motel worker to open the room door because Kelly wasn't responding, the warrant states.

Kelly was blue and unconscious on the bed, and motel staff told police that 10 to 15 minutes passed before they left for the hospital after arguing over whether to call 911, tossing out drug evidence in the motel trash and loading personal belongings into a vehicle, the Connecticut Post reports, citing the warrant.

The men are charged with second-degree manslaughter and conspiracy to commit second-degree manslaughter in Kelly's death, which the state medical examiner ruled was caused by an overdose of heroin and cocaine.

Pisechko and Aldrich were arrested at their homes Friday and were held in custody over the weekend until their arraignments Monday in Milford Superior Court, where Judge John Ronan set Pisechko’s bond at $250,000 and Aldrich’s bond at $150,000.

 They will be back in court on March 30.

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