Common Core Math Problem Goes Viral, Reignites Debate

A third-grade homework assignment has reignited the debate over Common Core standards in schools across the country.

A third-grade student answered the question, "What's 5x3," by writing "five plus five plus five equals 15," but the teacher marked it incorrect, not because it was the wrong answer, but because of the way the student got there. The teacher indicated that the student should've also added five threes together. The test, posted to Reddit, has gone viral and renewed the debate over Common Core standards, which have prompted many parents to take classes to help their kids with homework. 

The new math methods are in response to the Common Core States Standards Initiative launched in 2009. It focuses on more critical thinking and less on memorization. 

According to the 2015 Nation's Report Card, math scores slipped for fourth and eighth graders over the last two years. 

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