Colorado Loss Reveals Chaotic, Overwhelmed Trump Campaign

Colorado will send 37 delegates to the Republican National Convention in Ceveland, Ohio

Senator Ted Cruz swept a third straight Congressional District convention in Colorado Thursday night, nabbing the three delegates that were listed on a slate put forward by the Cruz campaign, NBC News reported.

Trump's new Colorado state director Patrick Davis told supporters to vote for the three delegate candidates put forward by the GOP front-runner's campaign at Thursday's event. There was only one problem: Two of the three names weren't listed on the ballot.

There were, however, three other pro-Trump delegates on the ballot who weren't sanctioned by the campaign. Davis called it an "administrative error," but one official Trump backer on the ballot said it was indicative of the campaign's disorganization in the state.

Trump's advisers argue that the lack of focus on Colorado is a strategic decision, given that the state's political lean and complicated convention process favor Cruz.

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