Christian Bale Finally Wins an Oscar, Is Strangely Sincere and Emotional


Dame Helen Mirren and Russell Brand came out to present the award for Best Foreign Film, with the prize going to "In a Better World," the film from Dane Susan Bier.

"I am so truly honored and grateful and happy," said a clearly emotional Bier. Apparently her win at the Golden Globes didn't prepare her for tonight.

We were equally surprised by her win, as we find the film a bit manipulative and spotty, but what do we know? We'd've voted for "Dogtooth." The win also shocked a lot of people who considered the Javier Bardem film "Biutfiul" to be a favorite.

Christian Bale finally picked up an Oscar, this for his awesome work in "The Fighter," for which he'd won the Golden Globe.

"Bloody hell what a room full of talented and inspirational people. What am I doing here?" began Bale. "I'm not gonna drop the f-bomb like [Melissa Leo] did. I've done that enough before."

As he wrapped things up, he became emotional as he looked into the crowd to thank his wife. For a guy with a rep for being a soulless jerk, it was an oddly touching display. High five, man.

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