Castle and Beckett Feel the Love on “Castle,” But Can't Get Together

As ABC's "Castle" hit a new season with a powerful premiere on Monday night, one plot line is even more certain than the show's weekly death  -- Castle and Beckett seem destined to never get together despite an obvious mutual attraction.

Ironically, the two actors cannot even agree why their characters are still dancing around their love emotions heading into season 3.

Nathan Fillion, who plays mystery writer Richard Castle, tells us that as soon as he gets together with his beautiful police detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) the show will lose it's spark. And it's surging audience.

"If you were to get what you wish for, it's all over," he tells PopcornBiz from the "Castle" Season Three premiere party. "You stop wanting. You stop yearning."

And importantly, the fans hoping the two would-be lovers will get together can turn off their television with a satisfied expression and stop watching.

"I'm off the mind that if you are watching people fail on television, that you are enjoying yourself," says Fillion. "Because that's a position that you don't want to be in. You want to see how they are NOT doing it right."

"You have to keep the wanting," he adds. "And that's the path we're taking."

Not surprising, Katic has a differing opinion. She believes the two characters are actually too gun-shy to get together.

'They are a little bit scared," she tells us. "Every couple of episodes they start going there and then they duck back out of it."

Yet, to back up Fillion's point, television history is filled with tension-filled couples who got together and immediately lost significant chunks of audience -- from "Moonlighting" to "Cheers." Doesn't this play a factor?

"I don't believe in the 'Moonlighting' curse," she says. "They can fall in love. They can get together. And it will still be spicy."

And when will this happen? "I'm like get them together this year, whatever," Katic says. "But that's up to the show's wonderful creators and writers. I just say the words."

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