Carly Fiorina Talks Religion, Putin and Trump on ‘Tonight Show'

Carly Fiorina has been making waves across the campaign trail - and she got right down to business when she appeared on the “Tonight Show” on Monday.

The Republican presidential candidate sat down with host Jimmy Fallon to talk about her campaign, her career and about some of her opponents.

Fallon asked how she felt about Ben Carson’s recent statements - that he believes a Muslim should never be able to become president of the U.S.

“I think that’s wrong. It says in our constitution that religion can’t be a test of office,” she said.

“Would you be fine with [a Muslim president being elected]?”

“Yes, I would be fine with that,” she answered.

Fiorina said her faith has been a very important part of her life, having helped her during her battle with breast cancer and following the death of her stepfather.

“Faith gives us humility, empathy and optimism,” she said.

"You've met Putin?" Fallon asked Fiorina.

Fiorina laid out her plan, if elected, on how she intends to deal with Russia.

"What I would do, is immediately, rebuilding the Sixth Fleet. I'd rebuild the missle defense program in Poland. I'd conduct regular military exercise in the Baltics. I'd put a few thousand more troops in Germany," she told Fallon.

"Putin needs to see that he faces strength and resolve and leadership from the United States of America. He would see that from me."

Fiorina said she met the Russian leader in Beijing when she was CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She described him as a formidable, confident adversary who can be funny and charming. 

“He’s a KGB guy. We shouldn’t forget this. He lusts for power,” she said.

The latest polls show Fiorina’s popularity among Republicans has spiked after her performance at the second GOP debates. She’s now sitting in second place right after frontrunner Donald Trump, who she likened to the Russian leader.

“He’s a lot like Putin. I won’t say anymore.”  

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