Bush Torture Expert John Yoo Gets Punked

Actor protests Berkeley professor in the middle of a lecture


Berkeley was never too proud of its law professor John Yoo, who is the author of President George W. Bush's "Torture Memos."

John Yoo Gets Punked

The liberal university's feelings, and the heat being turned up in Washington to prosecute Yoo for his role in what some critics allege as torture, might be why he moved down south to teach at Chapman University.

But the former Bush administration legal expert may have stepped right into a prankster's trap when he sought the quiet life.

During one of Yoo's recent lectures an actor from the Australian comedy show "The Chaser's War On Everything" climbed on a desk wearing the infamous Abu Ghraib hooded prisoner outfit and asked, "how long can I be required to stand here 'till it counts as torture?"

"You're putting yourself in that position," Yoo responded.

But the professor failed to find the humor (if there was suppose to be any) in the prank and instead of playing along, he ended the class early.

Yoo was kind enough to give the actor a head start before he called security. The video has been making its round on blogs and YouTube. Check it out for yourself. Did the pranksters go too far? Should Yoo have reacted differently?

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