“Buried” Trailer Will Make You Appreciate Breathing

You never really fully appreciate little things like breathing or the ability to extend your arm or the fact that you are not buried in an Iraqi desert.

But the trailer for "Buried" will strip all that away instantly. We can only imagine what the full-length film is going to do. The new film starring Ryan Reynolds is heading for Sundance and is going to make for difficult watching. The film also stars a wooden box.

Reynolds plays Paul Conroy, a civilian from Michigan working as a contract truck driver in Iraq. He convoy gets taken and Conroy is left buried by his captors. He wakes with nothing but a lighter and a cell phone with which to plead for his million dollar ransom. If the money doesn't come, his captors won't either.

Reynolds is the lone actor on screen and its a role we've never seen him in before. Though it looks like a tough ride, here's hoping this movie makes its way to cinemas nearby. Maybe an outdoor viewing wouldn't be such a bad idea either.

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