“Breaking Dawn – Part 2”: Nikki Reed Readys For a Bittersweet Goodbye To “Twilight” Fans

The actress admits she'll miss the saga's devoted followers and their creative tributes.

For five films the unwavering passion and support of the “Twilight” film franchise faithful helped change the lives of the cast and creators, and as the saga’s final installment “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” hits theaters, costar Nikki Reed wants them to know she noticed.

Of all the young actresses minted by the phenomenal popularity, Reed has always felt a special connection to the fans who followed every bit of minutiae from the movies. And as she prepares to open new chapters in her professional and personal lives, she reveals that for her the farewell will be bittersweet.

Will it be emotional to watch the movie?

For sure, absolutely! And I don't know when I'm going to see it, by the way, because I made a promise to all my fans that I'm not going to sit through the premiere because I'm going to go back outside for another three hours after the carpet and sign every last autograph I possibly can.

That's a generous decision you're making because those fans represent at those premieres, and it means a lot to them.

It means everything to us, too. I'm going to see my cast. I don't feel like ‘boo‑hoo’ I'm going to say good-bye to all these people. I'm okay leaving Rosalie behind actually. I'm sad about – the fans are the ones that have made this experience special, and for many reasons, and the interaction – I feel like the way we interact with them has been so unique, setting up these fan events where we get to just sit and talk to people who really feel so strongly about something you're a part of, to connect with people on that level. So to just sort of walk away from that and never see all these people again…I know these faces that have been sleeping at Comic‑Con for four years now. I recognize these people.

As a writer and a creative person, do you want to explore your feelings about being part of this at some point, like in a book or in some way get those down on paper?

I don't know. You know I did a lot of writing about it. I did a lot of writing as we went along. That's the way I express myself is through writing. I write almost every day. Unless it's days like this where I'm literally cooped up for 18 hours. I'm usually writing. I write my feelings out. I don't know, but I think I would have to have a lot of perspective and also a reason for it which at this point in time, a lot of the writing I do is just for myself.

Are you also amazed at the creativity in the fan base that's been sparked by, number one, what Stephenie did, and what you guys did with the films?

I'm always so impressed by it, and I'm really touched by it. That's what feels special about this. It's not people screaming and going, ‘Oh my God, I love you!’ And they don't know you. I mean I got handed a necklace - this woman was like, ‘It took me four weeks to make this.’ She didn't even know if she was going to see me at this signing, and she was like, ‘I made this for you because I think you'd look nice.’ I mean things like that, it's like ‘Wow.’

How great to be a part of something that inspires other people to write? That was one of the things about ‘Thirteen’ that I always thought was so impressive. People were having in‑depth discussions and it became like a learning experience. It became an educational thing. So it was something deeper, and I feel the fans, there's been a lot of that. And one of the reasons why Paul [McDonald] and I wrote the song for the [‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’] soundtrack was for that reason, to show fans, ‘Hey, this resonates with you in such a way, you feel inspired to do something because of this story. We felt inspired to do something.’

With the fans, do you feel a certain sensitivity towards them yourself because they hold it so precious? Do you worry, ‘Oh, I wish I’d said something a certain way? I hope that isn't read into the wrong way?’

Yeah. But you know what? As much as the passion is appreciated – and greatly, by the way, by all of us – I also believe that people can take it too far, and if you're that worried about something…I've never said anything horrible or so controversial that it's been, like, blatantly obvious what I'm trying to say. The only things that I've ever said that have been like quote, unquote, bad have just been interpreted by people or spun to be perceived as bad because that's what they want to perceive it as.

Given that we've recently found out there's more ‘Star Wars’ in our future, if Stephenie in 30 years from now, is like, I have a ‘Twilight’ idea—

Yes, I would be there! Of course I would! Could you imagine if I was like, ‘I don't want to play Rosalie when I'm 55 years old so some other blonde actress is going to step in and finish what I started.’ No way. I would be there.

I am in no way planning on turning down anything ‘Twilight’ if it came from Stephenie. Who would I be to? – This has been such a blessing in my life, and I'm so appreciative and so happy to have been a part of it. If it came knocking at my door again, I'd be like, ‘Where do I sign up?’


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