Betty White Talks Men, Animals & Exercise

She may be a "Golden Girl," but she's no cougar!

Betty White has made no secret of her crush on screen icon Robert Redford, 74, but she insists she's not seeking to rob the cradle and has "always liked older men."

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"[Older men] are just more attractive to me," Betty told Parade mag, in an interview for their October 31 issue. "Of course, at my age there aren't that many left! I've enjoyed the opposite sex a lot – always have, always will."

Besides older men, the 88-year-old actress has a weakness for animals, French fries and Cadillacs.

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When Betty was offered the chance to star alongside Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in 2009's "The Proposal," she initially dismissed the offer because the shoot would have required her to spend several weeks away from her precious golden retriever, Pontiac.

She eventually accepted the hilarious role of Ryan's grandmother after producers tightened the schedule, shortening the time she and her dog would have to spend apart.

Although in her golden years, Betty takes pride in driving herself — in a silver Cadillac she named Seagull.

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"I love Cadillacs and name them after birds," she told the mag.

Betty nicknamed her previous two rides Canary and Parakeet, respectively.

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As for how she stays so admirably active, the screen legend says she keeps a very full schedule – keeping her energy up with only four-and-a-half hours of sleep each night.

On weekdays, Betty rises at 6 AM, feeds Pontiac, works on a book, heads to whatever set she's working on that day, comes home, plays with Pontiac, does a crossword puzzle, completes additional writing, and goes to bed around 1:30 AM, according to the mag.

Although she eats French fries "every night" (along with a vegetable or salad), Betty says she naturally stays in shape due to a combination of two things: "a two-story house and a bad memory."

"I'm up and down those stairs all the time," she told the mag. "That's my exercise."

Read the full interview with Betty in Parade magazine's October 31 issue.

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