Beatles Letter Nets $55,000 At Auction

A note handwritten by Paul McCartney sold big at a London auction.

A mysterious bit of Beatles history has a new owner.

A letter handwritten by Paul McCartney on August 12, 1960 and sent to an unnamed individual fetched $55,000 at an auction held by Christie's in London.

The letter was an invitation to audition as the band's new drummer before they embarked on a trip to Hamburg, Germany. That trip, of course, would be a seminal moment in the birth of the Beatles as musical legends.

Not only does the letter indicate that the band was seeking someone to man the drum kits right up until they hired Pete Best (according to the Beatles' historical timeline, Best joined the group on Aug. 12), but it is believed to be one of the first instances of the band referring to itself as "The Beatles." 

It is not known if the intended recipient (referred to only as "Sir") ever received the letter, responded, or actually auditioned for the group.

Best, of course, would be a Beatle for only two years before leaving the group and being replaced by Ringo Starr.

Just a few weeks ago, one of John Lennon's teeth sold at auction for $31,000.

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