Southern California

Baby Penguin Dives Into Life at the Aquarium

The chick, born on June 5, is native to the coasts of Argentina and Chile.

Southern California's newest feathered friend made its debut Tuesday morning at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

Lily, a Magellanic penguin chick, was born at the aquarium on June 5 and joined the other penguins in the June Keyes Penguin Habitat after spending about two months in a nursery.

"She was a little reluctant to go swimming, but in the end she did and she seems to be enjoying herself," said Adrian Samora, a media relations coordinator at the aquarium.

Magellanic penguins, which are native to the coasts of Argentina and Chile, are not born with plumage suitable for water, so they are removed from their nests after 25 days and taken to a nursery until their watertight feathers come in. While they are in the nursery, they learn to swim and eat hand-fed fish, aquarium representatives said.

Lily, who represents the third generation of Aquarium-born penguins, is the seventh penguin to be born at the aquarium since 2013 and the 20th penguin to join the exhibit. Samora said she is slightly large for a baby and is eating whole fish.

Community members can support the new chick through the Adopt an Animal program.

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