Attorney: Randy Travis Gives Alcohol the Boot

Country legend put together personal program to get sober, attorney says

Embattled country music legend Randy Travis has given up alcohol, according to his attorney.

"Randy has given up alcohol entirely," Larry Friedman said. "He's on a new physical fitness regimen. He is working out three, four hours a day. He's got a brand-new diet, a high-protein diet, taking a lot of new vitamins. He is in the best shape he has ever been in, in his entire life."

Travis has been arrested three times over the past year during alcohol-fueled incidents.

The most recent was in August, when police arrested a nude Travis and charged him with intoxicated driving after he crashed his car into a construction site.

Earlier that month, Travis wound up behind bars after a fight in a Plano church parking lot with his girlfriend's ex.

In February, Sanger police arrested Travis in another church parking lot with an open bottle of wine in his car.

"I don't consider Randy an alcoholic," Friedman said. "I think Randy has had some hard times over the last year or two. He has gotten through those hard times, put them behind him, and he's off and running right now."

Friedman said the 53-year-old singer came up with his own personal program to get sober and isn’t receiving any professional help.

Travis was in the recording studio last week, putting the finishing touches on a new double album of songs from old favorites such as Hank Williams and Willie Nelson.

Friedman said the events of the past year should give Travis plenty of material for yet another country classic.

"He's happy," he said. "He has a new fiancee. Life is good for Randy Travis."

Friedman would not talk specifically about the criminal charges Travis still faces but said that the cases are progressing and should be "brought to a conclusion shortly."

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