“Another Earth” Poster and Clips Arrive, the Rest of It in July

We missed out on a screening of "Another Earth" at Sundance, and for the next three days, seemingly everyone we ran into gushed about how awesome it was. Well the film is on its way, and has just dropped poster and three clips.

The film, which picked up a Special Jury Prize and the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize at Sundance, follows the relationship that develops between a former physics student and a former college professor at a time when a nearby planet, Earth 2, has been discovered.

Director Mike Cahill co-wrote the film with Brit Marling, who stars in the film opposite William Mapother. "Another Earth" will be released July 22.

Another Earth - Earthshine by teasertrailer

Another Earth - Nobody likes to clean by teasertrailer

Another Earth - I would like to do something... by teasertrailer

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