Angry Birds Dive-Bomb Neighborhood

"I'm scared to go down the street here," one Winnipeg resident says


The popular smart phone game "Angry Birds" became a real-life scenario when a group of crows and ravens went postal on mail carriers in a Canadian neighborhood.

The harassment became so profound along a street in Winnipeg last Thursday that the mail carriers had to stop service, according to CBC News. Canada Post said in a statement to customers that “due to the ongoing safety concern caused by the aggressive crows attacking your letter carrier" all mail delivery would be temporarily suspended. Officials were working to find a solution to the avian incursion, the statement said.

“It’s not a normal hazard our carriers face everyday,” Canada Post representative Steven Keown told CBC.

The seemingly very angry birds have also started to target residents on the street, dive-bombing them as they leave their homes, according to victim Bernice Sokol. "He [the crow] followed me all around. I'm scared to go down the street here," Sokol told CBC.

Manitoba Conservation said many bird species defend their young from predators, such as humans, when they are in the most vulnerable part of their development. This period can last for a day or an entire week depending on if one of the babies is injured or not.

Provincial wildlife experts are strongly recommending people avoid the area until the birds fly away, and if they must be present, to carry an umbrella with them.

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