Amanda Bynes Reportedly Loses Driver’s License

Bynes has pleaded not guilty to the DUI count, which potentially could also include prison time and a fine

Amanda Bynes booking photo mugshot

Three strikes and Amanda Bynes is out...of a driver's license. Finally.

Unless President Barack Obama decides to take time out from his nomination tonight to grant a pardon, the former All That star is far from all right, now that she reportedly just had her license revoked to go along with a DUI count and two hit-and-run charges.

Why didn't Amanda lose her license sooner?

According to the Los Angeles Times, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has put the kibosh on her being behind the wheel. There was no word on when she officially had her license revoked, but presumably she will need a lift until she takes care of her court docket.

Earlier this week, Los Angeles prosecutors formally filed the two hit-and-run counts for separate incidents on April 10 and Aug. 4. The charges carry a maximum sentence of six months behind bars and a $1,000 fine.

Amanda seeks presidential pardon

The DMV would not confirm the report and Bynes' lawyer, Richard Hutton, declined to comment on her license status. However, Hutton did tell E! News that Bynes would not appear in court next Wednesday to answer to the DUI charge, which springs from a April 6 incident involving Bynes temporarily parking her BMW into a Sheriff's patrol car. (It's because Bynes doesn't need to attend in person, not because she couldn't find a car pool.)

According to attorney Troy Slaten, who is not involved in the Bynes case but is familiar with such matters, refusal to take a Breathalyzer test, such as Bynes did in her DUI case, results in an automatic one year suspension.

Seriously, what the heck's wrong with Amanda Bynes?!

Bynes has pleaded not guilty to the DUI count, which potentially could also include prison time and a hefty fine, and begged Obama to use his commander-in-chief powers to make the case go away.

So far, no dice.

Mug shots of Amanda and other stars behind bars

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