Al Qaeda Magazine Targets Economic Leaders Buffet, Bloomberg, Gates

A notorious Al Qaeda magazine is encouraging lone-wolf terrorist attacks on U.S. economic leaders, including, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and Warren Buffet, NBC News reported. 

The magazine article begins with a photo illustration showing blood-spattered pictures of several leaders next to a dripping gun. 

"Economic personalities" and "wealthy entrepreneurs" can get off the "list" by withdrawing all money from U.S. banks and investing outside of America, and denouncing Israel support, the magazine says.

"There is compelling evidence from the Boston Marathon bombings and other various thwarted terror plots that homegrown jihadists have specifically looked to the magazine for guidance on what targets to attack — and have taken that advice quite literally," Evan Kohlmann of Flashpoint Intelligence, an NBC News counterterrorism analyst, said about the magazine's content.

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