Actor Anthony Michael Hall Arrested

Former "Dead Zone" star and 80s geek icon Anthony Michael Hall was arrested in Los Angeles after getting into a dispute with a neighbor, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The 43 year-old, who became famous as a skinny nerd with a smart mouth in classic 80s comedies like "National Lampoon's Vacation," "Sixteen Candles," and "The Breakfast Club," was reportedly destroying plants in the common area of his condominium complex when he was confronted by a neighbor. After hurling verbal threats, Hall then allegedly challenged the neighbor to a fight.

The police were called, and Hall was taken into custody on suspicion of disturbing the peace. He was subsequently released and will likely face a misdemeanor charge that will be handled by the L.A. city's attorney's office.

Selected Reading: Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, TMZ

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