Activist Group Calls for #StudentBlackout National Day of Action

Campus Protests California

Student activists from across the globe will hold a day of action to further the movement of ending racial injustice on Wednesday, NBC News reported.

Organizers are calling the latest movement #StudentBlackOut — a collective day of action where student leaders are encouraged to organize events that, according to Yamiesha Bell, one of the organizers, uplift Blackness.

There is an expectation that many of the actions will mirror much of what has already been seen in the past few weeks from the University of Missouri to Yale to Virginia Commonwealth University and others.

"I am pretty sure we will see rallies, marches, walk outs and the occupation of presidents' offices," said Brandan Marshall, one of the support members for the day of action. "Students from across the globe are experiencing many of the same issues on their campuses and Wednesday will display the collective experiences."

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