Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for Everyone on Your List

We've got the goods for everyone on your list. All you need is gift wrap.

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FOR WHAT'S-HER-NAME, THE GIRL YOU GOT FOR SECRET SANTA: Starbucks gift card? Too easy. Surely she likes plants. And even if she doesn’t, the Grobal Baby is designed with a self-watering system, so there’s no excuse for wilted basil. Mmm, pesto. $15, Velocity.
Cox and Cox
FOR YOUR SIS, WHO REALLY WANTS A KITCHEN MIXER: She'll have to wait for the bridal registry for that one. But you still want to encourage her to bring you baked goods, so we suggest these crafty jigsaw cookie cutters. They say, "I love to bake, but I also enjoy puzzles." About $7, Cox and Cox
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FOR THE MAN WHO HUGS YOU... AND TREES: (That would be dad.) Stop giving a man who doesn't wear a suit to work another tie this year and instead give him... a wallet. Actually, give him both. The Prix-Prix bifold is made from recycled suits and ties, so he can stay green while doling out the green (to you, hopefully). $28, Supermarket
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FOR YOU: Who's going to get you handmade shades made out of wood? No one, that's who. So get yourself a pair of Shwood Sunglasses, which are crafted out of zebrawood, maple and wenge in a Portland, Oregon workshop. Think of it as hipster whittling. $95, Shwood.
Pop Deluxe
FOR CO-WORKERS WHO AREN'T "MORNING PEOPLE": If anyone considers speaking to them before noon, the Fisticup will say, "I've got a cup of hot coffee and I'm not afraid to use it." Easy, boss. $14.99, Pop Deluxe.
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FOR ANGSTY TEENS: Pry that Twilight book away for a little quality time watching with the fam? Out of her cold, undead hands. Tell her you're cool with her dyed black hair with this crocheted vampire bite necklace. $10,
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FOR YOUR BRO, WHO REALLY WANTS AN ACOUSTIC GUITAR: After being forced to see Once by his indie hipster gf, he was secretly stoked to find out the duo -- Swell Season -- is a real band. An awesome, real band with an awesome, new album: Strict Joy. $12.99, Anti Records.
Books and Books
FOR FRIENDS WHO PRETEND TO READ: They'd rather sift through status updates than join your "cat lady" book club. So wrap up a copy of Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don't Float, which social media-izes The Odyssey and 49 other classics. $15, Books and Books.
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FOR THE TWEETER WHO KEEPS IT OLD SCHOOL: Menfolk aren't known for their emotion spewing abilities. That's why there was never a book called Are You There God? It's Me, Steve. And the ladies are just too busy. That's why guy and gal alike will love the One Line a Day Journal. $16.99, Modcloth.
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FOR DRUNK ARTISTS: For the second year, 1800 Tequila has selected 12 artists from around the country to design their bottle labels. Now "creative types" can enjoy the visual inspiration as much as the liquid inside. $24.99, where 1800 Tequila is sold.
FOR THE BEER-SWILLING BF: Give him a helping hand up from his beer-a-mid days of yore. This set of recycled Rolling Rocks bottle glasses are cute enough for you, but low brow enough for him. $34, Elsewares.
Saks Fifth Avenue
FOR THE SNUGGIE-LOVING GF OR BFF: You'd think she worked at a polar bear research station in the Arctic the way she swaddles herself in fleece. Help her trade the infomercial look with this chic and cozy eternity loop scarf by Portolano. Throw in the fingerless gloves if you think it's 4-ever. <a href="" target="_blank" title="Saks Fifth Avenue">$98, Saks Fifth Avenue.
FOR THE HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS: Show her you appreciate her high-falutin' tastes. She can serve the "fancy" H2O whenever you come over for dinner (which is, oh, every other night) with a Sodastream carbonator. $100-$200, Sodastream.
Matt and Nat
FOR THE WOMAN WHO SPENDS HER MONEY ON YOU: (That would be mom.) She's still carrying around that Liz Claiborne number from 1992. Bring her into the 21st century with one of Matt and Nat's chic vegan bags. We are smitten with their new faux suede line. We think she will be, too. $215-$235, Matt and Nat.
Le Rituel
FOR YOUR FAVORITE PARTY GIRL: What's better than a secret stash of bubbly for that bubbly socialite? A secret stash of bubbly in a pair of Loubs. Piper-Heidsieck and CL have teamed up to create a stiletto outfitted with a sort-of heel flask. Ride home not included. $500, Online & select Neiman Marcus stores.
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