“True Blood” Men Heat Up Details Magazine

HBO's steamy vampire drama "True Blood" is gearing up to return for Season 3 on June 13, but in the run up to finding out who took Bill Compton, what blood-sucking sheriff Eric Northman has up his sleeve and whether Jason Stackhouse can remain Bon Temps' local hero, the three gents have showed their human side to Details magazine.

For the mag's May issue, Details has dropped three covers – one with blue-eyed Brit Stephen Moyer (Bill), another featuring sexy Swede Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) and a third showing off the ripped six-pack glory of Aussie Ryan Kwanten (Jason).

Among the revelations from the men? Alexander spent time in the Swedish marines.

"Sweden is probably one of the three countries least likely to get in a war, so the military's pretty safe," he told the mag, but he added that he did stints lasting four days made up of surveillance of a radio antenna.

"You couldn't talk or move," he said. "You had to piss in a bottle. It gave me a lot of time to think about things. I realized I missed being onstage and on a set."

As for Ryan, he revealed he's writing a self-help book.

"It's a satire of self-help books," he told the mag. "It's called 'The G Strategy.' I am 'The G.' There are steps. The first is 'Ask yourself the question.' The second is 'Give yourself a G name.'

"That name might have a stigma attached to it due to the years of abuse I've suffered as a child. But as, say, Ace, I can do anything," he added. "I can associate myself with a mythological creature or a made-up word. And through the invention of that word, it makes you want to break into a smile."

Stephen, who is engaged to his "True Blood" love interest, Anna Paquin, who plays mind-reader Sookie Stackhouse, shared a little more about his romance. The actor revealed the two took getting involved very seriously.

"To get a pilot that runs to a series, it's big s*** to people," Stephen said. "And so to come along and go, 'Oh, let's have a quick f***,' and then risk arguing and being a nightmare when you're playing the two people who are together the whole time — that would be immature."

To read more with the "True Blood" gents, click HERE.

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