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Woman Awakes to Find Prowler Covering Her Mouth

Anna Thompson said she woke up Friday to find the strange man in her bedroom



    Woman Awakens to Prowler Covering Her Mouth

    An Oceanside woman said she had a terrifying wake-up call when a stranger placed his hand over her mouth. NBC 7's Vanessa Herrera reports. (Published Friday, April 18, 2014)

    An Oceanside, Calif., woman said she had a rude awakening Friday morning when she found a man standing over her bed.

    Anna Thompson told NBC 7 the situation is one she's only seen in movies but never imagined would happen to her.

    She woke up just after 6 a.m. Friday to a man covering her mouth in her home on Vine Street. She immediately started fighting the man off.

    "I fought back as much as I could until I got to a point where my dog woke up, and he was laying right next to me, and he started going after the intruder and chased him out of my house," said Thompson.

    Thompson received a scratch to her chest and an injured lip.

    She believes the suspect came through the side gate to her home, took off his shoes and went inside. He left those shoes behind when he fled.

    In the scuffle, she knocked his hat off. Oceanside Police later took the hat as evidence to get DNA from it, Thompson said.

    Investigators said there was no forced entry into the house. They believe the suspect is in his 30s, but they have not released any other information.

    She said the incident has prompted her to put an alarm system in her home as soon as possible.