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Tubby Tabby: 35-Pound Cat Adopted in DC

Symba can only take a few steps before becoming short of breath



    Overweight Cat Finds Forever Home

    Symba, the 35-pound orange tabby, found his forever home Friday. After a video of the rotund feline working out made its rounds on the internet, a family adopted Symba from a rescue in Washington, D.C. (Published Thursday, July 6, 2017)

    The Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C., found a home for one of its largest residents.

    Symba came to the Humane Rescue Alliance's New York Avenue adoption center last week weighing a whopping 35 pounds.

    The rotund, 6-year-old cat came to the shelter after his owner moved to an assisted living facility and couldn't take Symba along. 

    According to the Humane Rescue Alliance, Symba is 15 pounds heavier than his "goal weight," but he's well on his way to shedding off the pounds. The shelter posted a video of Symba working out on a cat wheel, but the tubby tabby didn't seem too enthused. 

    Right now, the shelter says Symba can only take a few steps before becoming short of breath. He's also fed out of food puzzles that are designed to slow down a cat's eating. 

    The Humane Rescue Alliance said the person who adopted Symba will have to continue his diet and exercise routine. 

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