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Thieves Steal Woman's Purse With Irreplaceable Photos



    Purse with Priceless Photos Stolen from Car

    NBC 6's Stephen Schuler has the details after a purse was stolen from a car, but it is what was inside that has the owner in tears and begging for help. (Published Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014)

    Thieves targeted a woman at a gas pump in Hollywood, Florida, to grab her purse. The thieves made off with the purse and while that is replaceable, it’s what was inside the purse that is breaking Okim Kaufman’s heart.

    “There’s an item in there that I could never, ever replace and it’s a picture of my son who passed away and that I carry everywhere with me and that’s all I really care about,” Kaufman said while crying.

    Kaufman’s child, Kobe Kaufman, died in 2006 after a long battle with liver disease. Okim said the only remaining mementos she had were two framed photos at home and five others she carried close to her at all times.

    Kaufman said she was sitting in her car with the doors locked as the tank filled up. When the pump clicked, she opened the door to replace her gas cap and grab the receipt and in that instant, thieves opened her passenger door, grabbed her purse, and took off.

    Witnesses at the gas station chased after the thieves, but they got into a car and raced down Sheridan Street to get away.

    For Kaufman, the purse is irrelevant; all she wants is the photos.

    “If anybody was watching and could feel my pain, and return the pictures,” Kaufman said in tears.

    Witnesses said the thieves were between 18-20 years old and fled the scene in a 2014 silver Nissan Altima. If you have any information about the crime, call Hollywood Police or Broward County Crime Stoppers at 955-471-TIPS (8477).