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CTU VP: Teachers Contract Ready for a Vote



    Chicago Teachers Union Vice President held a press conference shortly after 12 p.m. Sunday before meeting with a small committee of delegate leaders to go over the contract details. (Published Monday, Sept. 17, 2012)

    It's decision time for Chicago Teachers Union House of delegates.

    The union delegates convened at 3 p.m. to decide whether or not to approve a contract that could suspend the strike and put students back in the classroom as early as Monday.

    CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey announced a contract was written and ready for the House of Delegates around noon on Sunday..

    "A lot of good stuff," said Sharkey about the contract, but added that it's the delegates' decision on whether or not to suspend the strike.

    Chicago Public Schools calls the deal "a very very reasonable proposal," according to CPS Chief Communications Officer Becky Carroll.

    "We think it's fair to teachers, students and tax payers," said Carroll.

    Looming over the vote is the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah, which begins at sundown. Delegates do have the option to vote for 24-hours to review the contract. But it would delay students going back to the classrooms until Tuesday, if the contract is approved. A source close to the union said many Jewish delegates felt pressure to vote over something they had not seen.

    Sharkey said that they would not prolong the strike for the holiday.

    "If people vote to prolong to vote against this strike, it's because the basics of this deal are insufficient," he said before going into a meeting with a committee of delegate leaders to discuss the details of the contract before it is presented to the larger house.