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Parkland School Tragedy

Parkland School Tragedy

Marking One Year Since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

Stoneman Douglas Shooting Survivor Maddy Wilford 'Grateful' to Be Alive

"She's a fighter, sand she wants to heal and she wants to get better," her mother said



    Parkland Survivor Shares Story of Recovery

    NBC 6's Julia Bagg has the emotional moments for one teenager who was shot multiple times during the Parkland school shooting almost two weeks ago.

    (Published Monday, Feb. 26, 2018)

    One of the students who barely survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting thanked first responders and her doctors Monday as she continues her road to recovery.

    Doctors from Broward Health North said 17-year-old Maddy Wilford suffered multiple gunshot wounds to her chest, abdomen and arm in the Feb. 14 shooting that left 17 people dead.

    "I'm so grateful to be here and it wouldn't be possible without those officers and first responders and these amazing doctors and especially all the love that everyone has sent," Wilford said at a news conference Monday with her parents, doctors and the first responder who rushed her to the hospital. "It's times like these when I know that we need to stick together and I've seen a lot of positive posts about what's been going on at the school and I just love the fact that we're sticking together."

    Coral Springs Fire Lt. Laz Ojeda became emotional while describing responding to the school.

    Stoneman Douglas Survivor Speaks For First Time After Shooting

    [NATL-MI] MSD Survivor Speaks For First Time After Shooting

    Maddy Wilford, a Stoneman Douglas High School student who survived the shooting, speaks about her recovery.

    (Published Monday, Feb. 26, 2018)

    "When the call came in we were almost dumbfounded, we couldn't believe it," Ojeda said.

    Ojeda said Maddy was pale and badly wounded when she was brought to him amid the "organized chaos" of the scene. He said she made signs of life and was given a chest seal by a Broward Sheriff's Office SWAT officer, which may have saved her life before she was rushed to the hospital.

    Maddy had severe injuries and underwent multiple surgeries before she was discharged from the hospital last Wednesday.

    "We see these type of injuries almost every other day," Broward Health North Dr. Igor Nichiporenko said. "Because of our experience treating these patients we did an outstanding job and I'm glad that Maddy and her parents are here this day to celebrate her successful recovery."

    Maddy's parents also took time to thank everyone who helped save her life.

    "I am very grateful to be sitting here next to my daughter alive and well today," father David Wilford said.

    Her mother, Missy, said her daughter will continue to recover along with the community.

    "She's a fighter, and she wants to heal and she wants to get better," she said. "Madeleine is healing her wounds right now but we'll be healing emotionally for a while as we all will as a community."

    "I'm just glad that I'm making a full recovery and everything's been going so smoothly," Maddy said.