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Backlash Brews Over Obama's Coffee Cup Salute

The president is taking some heat for saluting Marines with the same hand that was holding his coffee cup



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    President Barack Obama is taking some heat for what some people are saying was a somewhat less-than-respectful salute as he disembarked from Marine One in New York City.

    As he descended the stairs, he gave a half salute to the Marines outside the helicopter, using the same hand that was holding his coffee cup (or was it a tea cup?). The moment was captured in a 6-second video posted on the White House's official Instagram feed. 

    The Instagram video received thousands of likes and comments, quite a few of them negative.

    "I'm retired military and this man is a disrespectful joke. Wow. Shameful," said one commenter.

    "Wow what an embarrassment," added another.

    "Complete embarrassment to the office," one commenter said. "You can't even give a proper salute to men whose job it is to die protecting you."

    Some on Twitter countered criticism of Obama's salute by resurfacing photos showing former President George W. Bush having once stepped off a helicopter and saluted while holding his dog.

    President Bush salutes as he steps off Air Force One while holding onto the Bushes' dog Barney, Friday, April 22, 2005, as he heads toward Marine One at Texas State Technical College in Waco, Texas, en route to his Crawford, Texas ranch. (AP Photo/Jerry Larson)
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    The tradition of presidents returning salutes is said to have originated with Ronald Reagan in 1981.

    What's your take on the president's coffee cup salute?